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Regional Councillor
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Phone: 519-886-9626
Thank you to everyone who voted for me. Thank you to my team who did a stunning amount of door to door. Thanks to everyone who took a sign, and those who planted them. Thank you to my BFF who kept my spirits up. Thanks to my family and especially my husband, John, CFO and sign guy extraordinaire. it was a hard fought battle but we defeated a well known, long time former MP and a good, well known city councillor. The other side said this was a referendum on the LRT and all of you have spoken. You want the building of the LRT/ION to continue! Looking forward to a ride in 2017. I must also thank Better Choices, Waterloo Region, for their strong support. Also, thank you Tritag for putting your money and time into educating the public about the benefits of the LRT.

My 5 Priorities and My Pledges to You 

They don’t go away just because I won.

I ran on a vision of a stable, sustainable and prosperous

Waterloo and you agreed. I will continue to work hard

for you for the next four years.

Hard Work, Leadership, Experience
I will continue to help you. Waterloo Region is the best  place to live, work, and play.
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